The video was taken from the tokyo game convention, where gameloft introduced the game
9/23/2012 06:29:05

This looks sick! I knew at the end of the mc3 campaign when he said "You have no idea how far im willing to go" that it will be in mc4

Good job splitr

9/23/2012 06:30:14

Your right, i thought the same thing when i finished the mc3 campaign

9/23/2012 09:00:45

Nice of them to maintain continuity from the end of MC3 where Edward Page -- who was only apprehended, not killed like Tong & Popovich -- says he's only just begun ....

As far as graphics go, MC4 looks exactly like MC3, which, by the way, is most NOT a bad thing since MC3's graphics are very good looking.

And there's a reason for this: MC4 is a continuation of MC3, so you'd expect the look to be the same.
GameLoft certainly couldn't build a new engine from the ground up in just a year's time.
So they let MC3/4 tell thier story, then MC5, in 2013, will have a whole NEW story & with it a whole NEW graphics engine that will take advantage of whatever the ne superdupertelescooper NEW GPU iPad 4 will have.

And I'm glad they didn't go with UnrealEngine 3 fir MC4.
Because first, like I say, the graphics in MC3/4 are really good an plus I'm really sick & fucking tired of that stupid "Tap To Move" system UE3 uses.
You mean an engine as good as UE3 is "can't support" joystick movement?!?
Come on ....

Lastly, I'm glad I found this site that only discusses "Modern Combat"! lol
Now if GameLoft could only implement cross-platform -- PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Windows8 -- play, voice chat within teams & VEHICLES !!!
I can see some people don't want vehicles for MC4, but imagine you & your buddies in Team DeathMatch happen upon an empty helicopter ....
One guy jumps in the pilot's seat to fly.
Then, next to him, another guy jumps in the passenger seat to use his own weapon .
And then finally, 2 more guys jump in the back seats to be the doorgunners.
Or imagine doing that exact same thing, but with a hummer & only just one guy in the back to use the turret.
How awesomely cool would that be? lol

9/23/2012 16:03:58

it doesnt say if it works on ipod would if it works on an iphone does it work on an ipod?

9/23/2012 20:27:16



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